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 What is Forex?
We Are traveled to another country, you usually had to find a currency exchange booth at the airport, and then exchange the money you have in your wallet or purse or man purse  into the currency of the country you are visiting.

You go up to the counter and notice a screen displaying different exchange rates for different currencies. You find "Japanese yen" and think to yourself, "WOW! My one dollar is worth 100 yen?! And I have ten dollars! I'm going to be rich!!!" (This excitement is quickly killed when you stop by a shop in the airport afterwards to buy a can of soda and, all of a sudden, half your money is gone.)

When you do this, you've essentially participated in the forex market! You've exchanged one currency for another. Or in forex trading terms, assuming you're an American visiting Japan, you've sold dollars and bought yen.

Before you fly back home, you stop by the currency exchange booth to exchange the yen that you miraculously have left over (Tokyo is expensive!) and notice the exchange rates have changed. It's these changes in the exchanges rates that allow you to make money in the foreign exchange market.

The foreign exchange market, which is usually known as "forex" or "FX," is the largest financial market in the world. Compared to the measly $74 billion a day volume of the New York Stock Exchange, the foreign exchange market looks absolutely ginormous with its $4 TRILLION a day trade volume. Forex rocks our socks! 
What is Traded? 

The Very Simple Answer Money Because you're not buying anything physical, this kind of trading can be confusing.
Think of buying a currency as buying a share in a particular country, kinda like buying stocks of a company. The price of the currency is a direct reflection of what the market thinks about the current and future health of the economy.
In general, the exchange rate of a currency versus other currencies is a reflection of the condition of that country's economy, compared to other countries' economies.

Major Currencies                                                                                 
Symbol           Country                Currency             Nickname     
USD            United States                 Dollar                  Buck             
EUR            Euro zone members        Euro                    Fiber
JPY               Japan                           Yen                     Yen
GBP           Great Britain                    Pound                 Cable
CHF           Switzerland                     Franc                   Swissy
CAD          Canada                           Dollar                   Loonie
AUD          Australia                         Dollar                   Aussie
NZD          New Zealand                  Dollar                   Kiwi

Importance of News

It's not enough to only know technical analysis when you trade. It's just as important to know what makes the market move.
Just like in the great Star Wars world, behind the trend lines, double tops, and head and shoulder patterns, there is a fundamental force behind these movements. This force is called the news!
To understand the importance of the news, imagine this scenario (purely fictional of course!)
Let's say, on your nightly news, there is a report that the biggest software company that you have stock with just filed bankruptcy.
What's the first thing you would do? How would your perception of this company change? How do you think other people's perceptions of this company would change?
The obvious reaction would be that you would immediately sell off your shares. In fact, this is probably what just about everyone else who had any stake in that company would do.
The fact is that news affects the way we perceive and act on our trading decisions. It's no different when it comes to trading currencies.
There is, however, a distinct difference with how news is handled in the stock market and the forex market.
Let's go back to our example above and imagine that you heard that same report of the big software company filing bankruptcy, but let's say you heard the report a day before it was actually announced in the news.
The news is important to the Forex market because it's the news that makes it move. Regardless of the technicals, news is the fuel that keeps the market going!

6 Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Broker
The retail forex market is so competitive that just thinking about having to sift through all the available brokers can give you a major headache.

Choosing which broker to trade with can be a very overwhelming task especially if you don't know what you should be looking for.

In this section, we will discuss the qualities you should look for when picking a broker.
1. Security

The first and foremost characteristic that a good broker must have is a high level of security. After all, you're not going to hand over thousands of dollars to a person who simply claims he's legit, right?

Fortunately, checking the credibility of a broker isn't very hard. There are regulatory agencies all over the world that separate the trustworthy from the fraudulent.

Below is a list of countries with their corresponding regulatory bodies:

    United States: National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
    United Kingdom: Financial Services Authority (FSA)
    Australia: Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)
    Switzerland: Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC)
    Germany: Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFIN)
    France: Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)

Before even THINKING of putting your money in a broker, make sure that the broker is a member of the regulatory bodies mentioned above.
2. Transaction Cost

No matter what kind of trader you are, like it or not, you will always be subject to transaction costs.

Every single time you enter a trade, you will have to pay for either the spread or a commission so it is only natural to look for the most affordable and cheapest rates. Sometimes you may need to sacrifice low transaction for a more reliable broker.

Make sure you know if you need tight spreads for your type of trading, and then review your available options. It's all about finding the correct balance between security and low transaction costs.
3. Deposit and Withdrawal

Good brokers will allow you to deposit funds and withdraw your earnings hassle-free. Brokers really have no reason to make it hard for you to withdraw your profits because the only reason they hold your funds is to facilitate trading.

Your broker only holds your money to make trading easier so there is no reason for you to have a hard time getting the profits you have earned. Your broker should make sure that the withdrawal process is speedy and smooth.
4. Trading Platform

In online forex trading, most trading activity happens through the brokers' trading platform. This means that the trading platform of your broker must be user-friendly and stable.

When looking for a broker, always check what its trading platform has to offer.

Does it offer free news feed? How about easy-to-use technical and charting tools? Does it present you with all the information you will need to trade properly?
5. Execution
It is mandatory that your broker fill you in the best possible price for your orders.

Under normal market conditions (e.g. normal liquidity, no important news releases or surprise events), there really is no reason for your broker to not fill you at, or very close to, the market price you see when you click the "buy" or "sell" button.

For example, assuming you have a stable internet connection, if you click "buy" EUR/USD for 1.3000, you should get filled at that price or within micro-pips of it. The speed at which your orders get filled is very important, especially if you're a scalper.

A few pips difference in price can make that much harder on you to win that trade.
6. Customer Service

Brokers aren't perfect, and therefore you must pick a broker that you could easily contact when problems arise.
The competence of brokers when dealing with account or technical support issues is just as important as their performance on executing trades. Brokers may be kind and helpful during the account opening process, but have terrible "after sales" support.
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459929812016.02.05 06:56:48buy limit5.00gbpusd1.455550.000000.000002016.02.05 06:58:121.45564cancelled
456812042016.01.28 07:19:50sell5.00gbpusd1.425970.000001.425712016.01.28 07:31:151.425710.000.000.00130.00
456804492016.01.28 07:01:41buy0.01usdjpy118.638118.591118.6712016.01.28 07:09:19118.6710.
456803972016.01.28 07:00:20sell2.00usdchf1.016411.017671.016202016.01.28 08:37:491.016200.000.000.0041.33
456803602016.01.28 07:00:01sell0.01eurusd1.087401.088041.087242016.01.28 07:09:061.087240.
456396432016.01.27 07:28:39buy1.00gbpusd1.434040.000001.434642016.01.27 07:52:331.434640.000.000.0060.00
456396282016.01.27 07:28:18sell5.00usdchf1.015761.016751.015592016.01.27 08:25:261.016750.000.000.00-486.85
456395422016.01.27 07:26:38buy0.01gbpusd1.433671.432401.438002016.01.27 08:07:331.432400.000.000.00-1.27
456395152016.01.27 07:25:43sell0.01usdchf1.015551.016871.016072016.01.28 07:07:251.016870.000.00-0.21-1.30
456389302016.01.27 07:15:31sell5.00usdchf1.017040.000001.016712016.01.27 07:19:511.016710.000.000.00162.29
455139442016.01.22 08:30:56sell1.00gbpusd1.425440.000001.424612016.01.22 08:45:211.424610.000.000.0083.00
455129542016.01.22 08:04:33sell1.00usdjpy118.0110.000117.9392016.01.22 13:56:17117.9390.000.000.0061.05
455128652016.01.22 08:02:05buy0.50eurusd1.083731.083281.084432016.01.22 08:39:221.084430.000.000.0035.00
455128222016.01.22 08:01:57sell0.50usdchf1.009951.010411.009162016.01.22 08:39:191.009160.000.000.0039.14
455124712016.01.22 07:48:05sell0.05gbpusd1.423431.423961.423112016.01.22 07:58:281.423960.000.000.00-2.65
455124302016.01.22 07:45:53sell0.05usdjpy117.974118.122118.0372016.01.22 08:00:38118.0370.000.000.00-2.67
455124292016.01.22 07:45:45sell0.05usdchf1.009751.010641.009842016.01.22 07:57:151.009840.000.000.00-0.45
455124282016.01.22 07:45:39buy0.05eurusd1.082871.082111.083002016.01.22 07:56:241.083000.
454541352016.01.21 08:13:27buy0.01usdjpy117.018116.942117.1022016.01.21 08:17:40117.1020.
454538352016.01.21 08:08:59sell1.00gbpusd1.416480.000001.416062016.01.21 08:38:351.416060.000.000.0042.00
454535712016.01.21 08:04:33sell1.00eurusd1.090280.000001.089352016.01.21 08:14:571.089350.000.000.0093.00
454526792016.01.21 07:53:55buy1.00usdchf1.002950.000001.004142016.01.21 08:09:431.004140.000.000.00118.51
454525182016.01.21 07:50:12sell1.00eurusd1.091111.090811.090002016.01.21 07:58:441.090810.000.000.0030.00
454522042016.01.21 07:43:49sell0.01gbpusd1.416681.416471.415662016.01.21 08:08:351.416470.
453921702016.01.20 07:28:35sell limit0.05eurusd1.960000.000000.000002016.01.21 07:42:441.09186cancelled
453919622016.01.20 07:24:02sell limit0.05usdjpy117.6300.0000.0002016.01.21 07:42:26116.515cancelled
453913602016.01.20 07:10:53sell limit1.00eurusd1.980000.000000.000002016.01.21 07:42:211.09177cancelled
453913372016.01.20 07:10:19sell0.05eurusd1.095500.000001.087652016.01.21 13:33:211.087650.000.000.2439.25
452721382016.01.15 14:16:58sell0.05eurusd1.095830.000001.087052016.01.21 13:33:221.087050.000.000.4043.90
452721262016.01.15 17:15:17sell1.00eurusd1.098100.000001.087002016.01.21 13:33:221.087000.000.007.941 110.00
452687452016.01.15 13:46:00sell1.00eurusd1.095760.000000.000002016.01.15 14:15:291.095070.000.000.0069.00
452513172016.01.15 07:44:48sell1.00eurusd1.086720.000001.086332016.01.19 07:07:091.086330.000.001.5939.00
452509452016.01.15 07:36:04sell1.00eurusd1.086960.000001.086342016.01.15 07:39:391.086340.000.000.0062.00
452509282016.01.15 07:35:52sell1.00usdjpy117.7560.000116.6832016.01.15 13:43:08116.6830.000.000.00919.59
452508232016.01.15 13:49:05sell0.05eurusd1.097200.000000.000002016.01.15 14:15:331.095270.
452506422016.01.15 07:31:07sell limit1.00gbpusd1.444500.000001.444002016.01.15 13:43:351.43383cancelled
452503302016.01.15 07:19:41sell0.05gbpusd1.438760.000001.438302016.01.15 07:47:331.438300.
452503212016.01.15 07:19:13sell0.05usdjpy117.6840.000116.6852016.01.15 13:43:08116.6850.000.000.0042.81
451201682016.01.14 08:54:45sell1.00eurusd1.091400.000001.087842016.01.15 07:32:461.087840.000.001.58356.00
451183032016.01.12 06:05:51sell1.00usdjpy117.5180.000117.4542016.01.12 06:09:03117.4540.000.000.0054.49
451182892016.01.12 06:05:02sell1.00eurusd1.087520.000001.087502016.01.12 08:32:351.087500.
450103262016.01.08 07:37:33sell limit1.00gbpusd1.462500.000000.000002016.01.08 07:37:441.46153cancelled
450102972016.01.08 07:35:39sell1.00eurusd1.086190.000001.085832016.01.08 07:39:451.085830.000.000.0036.00
450102822016.01.08 07:34:15buy1.00gbpusd1.462081.461621.462332016.01.08 07:59:481.462330.000.000.0025.00
448971062016.01.06 07:08:57buy1.00usdchf1.010120.000001.010652016.01.06 09:12:521.010650.000.000.0052.44
448969482016.01.06 07:04:42sell1.00gbpusd1.465370.000001.464822016.01.06 07:09:371.464820.000.000.0055.00
448969342016.01.06 07:04:13sell1.00eurusd1.073710.000001.072562016.01.06 07:36:291.072560.000.000.00115.00
448968432016.01.06 07:03:46sell1.00eurusd1.074180.000001.073762016.01.06 07:04:071.073760.000.000.0042.00
448962682016.01.06 06:53:46sell1.00usdjpy118.6700.000118.6302016.01.06 07:30:23118.6300.000.000.0033.72
448961832016.01.06 06:52:18buy1.00usdjpy118.640118.618118.6772016.01.06 06:53:30118.6740.000.000.0028.65
448961622016.01.06 06:51:36buy0.01eurusd1.074781.073061.073872016.01.06 07:07:091.073060.000.000.00-1.72
448410772016.01.05 07:29:31sell1.00gbpusd1.471120.000001.470872016.01.05 07:51:471.470870.000.000.0025.00
448408642016.01.05 07:25:34sell0.01gbpusd1.471110.000001.471252016.01.05 07:49:421.471250.000.000.00-0.14
448405922016.01.05 07:15:11sell3.00eurusd1.081300.000001.080932016.01.05 07:26:241.080930.000.000.00111.00
448404922016.01.05 07:14:09sell0.30eurusd1.081570.000001.081212016.01.05 07:15:211.081210.000.000.0010.80
448404202016.01.05 07:11:34sell0.01eurusd1.082310.000001.081752016.01.05 07:13:211.081750.
448402422016.01.05 07:04:21sell0.20eurusd1.082700.000001.082372016.01.05 07:08:411.082370.
448402412016.01.05 07:03:57sell3.00gbpusd1.471770.000001.471512016.01.05 07:14:471.471510.000.000.0078.00
447204042015.12.29 07:35:02sell1.00eurusd1.096540.000001.095932015.12.29 13:14:541.095930.000.000.0061.00
447195702015.12.29 06:58:45buy0.01usdjpy120.356120.326120.3932015.12.29 07:00:22120.3930.
447195642015.12.29 06:57:23sell1.00gbpusd1.490510.000001.490172015.12.29 07:27:331.490170.000.000.0034.00
446182622015.12.22 07:56:03sell0.05eurusd1.091640.000001.091002015.12.22 08:09:101.091000.
446177972015.12.22 07:40:58sell1.00eurusd1.091580.000001.091002015.12.22 08:09:101.091000.000.000.0058.00
446177652015.12.22 07:39:40sell0.01eurusd1.091640.000001.095942015.12.29 13:14:541.095940.000.000.07-4.30
446176372015.12.22 07:33:28sell0.01gbpusd1.489540.000001.489182015.12.29 07:52:471.489180.
446176212015.12.22 07:32:49sell1.00eurusd1.091100.000001.090722015.12.22 08:09:171.090720.000.000.0038.00
446174332015.12.22 07:23:37buy1.00gbpusd1.489390.000001.489752015.12.22 07:32:261.489490.000.000.0010.00
446174122015.12.22 07:21:23sell1.00eurusd1.090480.000001.090212015.12.23 13:54:231.090210.000.001.0727.00
446173972015.12.22 07:20:13buy0.01gbpusd1.489390.000001.489712015.12.22 07:33:081.489580.
445876592015.12.21 07:37:40sell2.00gbpusd1.491240.000001.490882015.12.21 07:40:511.490880.000.000.0072.00
445542922015.12.18 07:49:33sell3.00eurusd1.086000.000001.085002015.12.18 08:13:461.085000.000.000.00300.00
445541272015.12.18 07:41:54sell0.01eurusd1.085720.000001.085002016.01.03 23:24:551.085000.
445539842015.12.18 07:34:55sell1.00eurusd1.086120.000001.085762015.12.18 07:40:041.085760.000.000.0036.00
445539782015.12.18 07:34:13sell1.00gbpusd1.494530.000001.494182015.12.18 07:37:161.494180.000.000.0035.00
445537712015.12.18 07:26:31sell0.01usdjpy121.8360.000121.8202015.12.18 07:31:25121.8200.
445537632015.12.18 07:26:20buy0.01eurusd1.085890.000001.085942015.12.18 07:30:421.085940.
445536202015.12.18 07:18:47sell3.00eurusd1.086260.000001.085892015.12.18 07:25:591.085890.000.000.00111.00
445119632015.12.17 07:55:09buy0.05usdjpy122.4490.000122.4812015.12.17 11:56:55122.4810.
445119142015.12.17 07:53:21buy2.00usdjpy122.4670.000122.5012015.12.17 11:57:10122.5010.000.000.0055.51
445118612015.12.17 07:50:22buy0.01usdjpy122.4880.000122.5032015.12.17 11:58:28122.5030.
445117022015.12.17 07:42:44sell1.00eurusd1.085680.000001.085292015.12.17 07:49:551.085290.000.000.0039.00
445116972015.12.17 07:42:30buy1.00usdjpy122.3970.000122.4362015.12.17 07:43:20122.4360.000.000.0031.85
445116622015.12.17 07:41:52sell0.01usdjpy122.4080.000122.3592015.12.17 08:14:37122.3590.
445116302015.12.17 07:41:10sell0.01eurusd1.085391.085771.084902015.12.17 07:46:221.085770.000.000.00-0.38
445115812015.12.17 07:39:24balanceDeposit3 000.00
0.00 0.00 12.86 4 788.52
Closed P/L: 4 801.38
Open Trades:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItem PriceS / LT / P PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
459935292016.02.05 07:02:53buy0.01gbpusd1.456391.454820.000001.455330.000.000.00-1.06
459951032016.02.05 07:22:30sell1.00gbpusd1.455140.000001.454931.455370.000.000.00-23.00
0.00 0.00 0.00 -24.06
Floating P/L: -24.06
Working Orders:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItem PriceS / LT / PMarket Price
459952642016.02.05 07:24:38sell limit0.05eurusd1.123000.000000.000001.11930
Deposit/Withdrawal: 3 000.00 Credit Facility: 0.00
Closed Trade P/L: 4 801.38 Floating P/L: -24.06 Margin: 1 010.00
Balance: 7 801.38 Equity: 7 777.32 Free Margin: 6 767.32